Senior Pastor Job Description

Job Description:

In addition to biblical qualifications (1 Timothy 3:2-7 & Titus 1:6-9), and a giftedness for preaching the Word in an effective and relevant manner, our desired applicant will possess a demonstrated ability to equip others to use their gifts serving in ministry. We believe that, not only is the body most effective when all of its parts are serving their purpose, but that each person, serving the body in their giftedness, becomes a healthier member of that body.


The Senior Pastor will be responsible for the leadership and direction for The Church

1. Strategic planning and leadership for the church and its ministries

a. Future Forecasting – Be aware of where the church as a whole is currently, where it will need to be in 12-24 months, and what steps will need to be taken to get it there. 

b. Systems evaluation – Be aware of how each of the 7 systems of the church are functioning currently, how they will need to function in 12-24 months, and what steps will need to be taken to get them there. 

c. Goal setting – Lead the process for annual goal setting for the church and its ministries, lead the biannual review of those goals, and monitor the progress in the achievement of those goals.  As needed lead in necessary “course corrections” when goals are not being met.  As possible provide onsite observation and evaluation for church ministries. 

d. Budget needs – Track the budget and keeping the church informed and motivated as to budgetary needs.  

2. Quality assurance and hope

a. Assure that sin is addressed, holiness is pursued in the church, and conflict is resolved within the church.

b. Lead the church and its teams to be forever striving to raise “the grade” by 5% or to maintain a level of achieved excellence.

c. Assure that hope is always present and palpable by celebrating the wins, thanking and encouraging those who made the wins possible, vision casting the future, and maintaining a culture of optimism in the present.

3. Leadership on key teams and in key meetings

a. Work with Leadership Team chair to lead the Leadership Team and its meetings.

b. Work with Nominating Committee chair to lead the Nominating Committee and its meetings.

c. Lead Senior Staff and All Staff meeting.

d. Lead Congregational Meetings.

e. Provide supervision for and regularly meet 1 on 1 with Senior Staff Members.  

 4. Leadership development

a. Develop the annual church leadership development plan.

b. Identify, invest in, and develop key leaders within the church.

c. Lead in identifying and engaging high capacity community leaders in the congregation.


The Lead Pastor will be responsible for the the weekend teaching and services

1. Lead staff in the research and develop sermon series.

2. Ensure that a healthy rhythm is maintain for series topics and weekend topics. 

3. Weekend speakers

a. Speak 2-3 times a month.

b. Coordinate weekend speakers.

c. Develop new and existing speakers.  

4. Artistic elements

a. In conjunction with the Worship Arts Director develop weekend service plans.

b. Be a leading participant in the Worship Design Team meeting.

c. Ensure a healthy rhythm is maintained in spiritual and artistic elements – special music, props, communion, video clips, life stories, etc. 


The Lead Pastor will be responsible for the shepherding and care of the congregation, leadership, and staff

1. Oversee the provision of pastoral care for members of the congregation and staff team.

2. Oversee the provision pastoral counseling for members of the congregation and staff team.

3. Regularly pray for the congregation and staff team.

All other duties as assigned by the Leadership Team.



1. Has a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Is committed to personal growth, servant leadership, healthy relationships, and being one in spirit with the Leadership Team

2. Is energetic, self-motivated, and thrives on being challenged. 

3. Has a passion for evangelism, discipleship, and mission.

4. Is a team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

5. Master’s Degree in either Divinity or Theology preferred.

6. Can demonstrate previous success and an ongoing ability in completing the responsibilities listed above, preferably in a church of our size.

Cameron Gibbons