How It Works

Our job board is more than just a job board. Check out how you can utilize our features to enhance your church staffing experience. 


Step #1: Sign Up as a Church

Seems pretty straight forward, and it is! Simply create your account as a church, and enter in your church details & any content that you'd like to include for candidates to see. 

Step #2: Post Your Jobs

Once your church profile is created, post your job! This will start the process of receiving applications to your role for your review. 

Step #3: Add Others To Review Candidates

One of the best parts of Hire Church Staff is that you can add other staff members to your church. They will also be notified when a new candidate applies to your job, and they can log in and add a rating and review on each candidate. 

Step #4: Review Candidates!

Once you and your team start receiving candidates, watch their videos, rate candidates, and start inviting the best of the best to come interview with you.